10 Cannabis World Records That Will Trip You Out

At Custom Cones USA, we love all things cannabis, so we keep tabs on the most interesting cannabis world records. We have to give props to people for having goals. They set the precedent for everyone else. We didn’t know the four-minute mile was possible until Englishman Roger Bannister did it in 1954.

Just like we didn’t know it was possible to smoke more than 100,000 joints in a lifetime until Irvin Rosenfeld accomplished that feat a few years ago (for Irvin’s sake, we hope some of those joints were made with our pre-rolled cones). Or that the largest blunt ever rolled could keep most people stoned for a decade or more – this I can attest was not one of our hemps wrap blunt cones.

And so behold this impressive list of cannabis world records; no one can ever again say that pot smokers lack motivation. The proof is in the numbers.


#1: The Largest Producer of Cannabis (Country)

On March 31, 2010, Afghanistan set the world record – and this is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records – for being the largest producer of cannabis by country. The numbers came in

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