10 Ways Most First-Time Growers Go Wrong

Successful cannabis cultivation isn’t about knowing every rule in the book. If anything, it’s simply about avoiding the kinds of mistakes that could compromise the quality of your crop.

As a first-time home grower, it’s almost impossible not to let your enthusiasm get the best of you. Whether you’re planning on growing a single cannabis plant or set up a veritable cannabis farm, you’ll want to produce as much weed as possible as quickly as possible.

This being the biggest rookie error of all – attempting to rush things.

Just as long as you’re willing to take your time, cultivating cannabis at home can be surprisingly simple. It’s called ‘weed’ for a reason – give it what it needs and it will grow like there’s no tomorrow.

So for those setting things up at home for the first time, here’s a quick rundown of 10 ways most first-time cannabis cultivators go wrong:

1.  Starting out with bad genetics

First up, you cannot and will not produce decent cannabis if you start out with poor genetics. This refers to the seeds or clones you use to get your grow underway in the first place. If the cannabis seeds or cuttings

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