140 People Scheduled to Testify on First Day of FDA Hearings on CBD

When the word dropped that the federal government was interested in knowing our conclusions on CBD, it seems to have spurred a wave of action. 140 people are signed up to testify at tomorrow’s public hearing in Silver Spring, Maryland, where agency representatives will consider testimony on the use and utilization of the drug.

Topics that may be covered include potency levels, potential drug interactions, and delivery method for CBD products. The agency selected speakers among respondents to its open call for comment. Attendees of the upcoming meeting will hear the opinions of individuals from the business community as well as medical professional, academics, agriculturists, and consumer advocates.

Perhaps, given the expansion of the CBD industry as of late, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of people who want to weigh in on the future of products made with the cannabinoid in the United States. Confusion has reigned ever since CBD was effectively legalized by the U.S. Farm Bill, which okayed production of the hemp from which the cannabinoid is derived.

Even so, many states continue to arrest people for CBD sales and possession. Several high profile cases of arrest have gotten media coverage recently,

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