57 Percent of Minnesota Doctors Consider Adult-Use Cannabis An Important Issue

In the first of a series of talks focusing on the issue of recreational marijuana legalization, hundreds of Minnesota doctors gathered in Minneapolis to share their views on the issue. To gather input from those doctors, the Minnesota Medical Association conducted a survey of its 600 member physicians. According to the survey, a majority of Minnesota doctors consider adult-use cannabis an important or very important issue. But the survey also gathered data on where doctors stand on adult use, revealing a fairly even split between support for legalization, opposition to it and the view that Minnesota doctors should remain neutral but still involved in policy discussion.

Doctors’ Medical Fields Shaped Views on Cannabis Legalization

Most Minnesota doctors want to be involved in discussion, education and research on the topic of adult-use marijuana legalization. But when it comes to their specific stance on the question of legal weed, Minnesota doctors are divided. According to a Minnesota Medical Association survey, more than a third of its members, 39 percent, oppose recreational legalization. Comparatively, 27 percent support a legal weed. 32 percent believe the Minnesota Medical Association should take a neutral stance neither for nor against legalization.

That’s a wide range of opinions.

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