8 Of The Best Stoner Movies And Shows To Watch High On Netflix

Saturday is April 4, 2020. Or put another way, this Saturday is 4/4/2020. Not since April 20, 420 ― 10 years after the Visgoths ransacked Rome ― has the calendar offered a double “420,” if you will. Today is also April Fools’ Day and the world continues to be under the existential threat of the coronavirus pandemic, so just bear with me here.

In the spirit of all of the above, I’ve curated a list of stoner movies and shows to watch on Netflix today, Saturday or any day during this period of self-isolation. Various U.S. cities have deemed marijuana dispensaries as “essential” during the shutdown. I wish you luck in acquiring the right accompaniment to these streaming recs.

Unfortunately, such classic stoner movies as “Dazed and Confused” and “Pineapple Express” aren’t on Netflix. But the service has at least a few greats. And, of course, almost half of the things listed here involve Seth Rogen.

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