A Guide to Female Flowering and Sinsemilla Plants with Jorge Cervantes and Seedsman

Female cannabis is prized for heavy, potent resin production and weighty flower yield. Ideal female plants grow squat and bushy with branches close together on the stem and dense foliage on branches. In most strains, the first signs of female flowers appear one to three weeks after inducing flowering with the 12-Blue Mistic hour photoperiod. High-quality feminized cannabis seeds can be purchased from reputable online seed companies like Seedsman.com.

Female flowers initially appear near the top of the terminal bud and gradually develop on lower branches starting at the tips and moving downward. Flowers have two small one-quarter to one-half-inch (6–12 mm) fuzzy white hairs called “pistils” that form a V.

The set of pistils is attached at the base to an ovule, which is contained in a light-green pod called a “calyx.” Pistil-packed calyxes form dense clusters or buds along stems. A cluster of buds is often called a “top” or “cola.” The masses of calyxes develop rapidly for the first four or five weeks, after which they grow at a slower rate.

Buds put on much of their harvest weight as they swell during the last two or three weeks of growth. Pure sativas, including Thai varieties,

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