A Look at the Limitless Possibilities of Drinkable Cannabis

Edibles have been the talk of the town of late. Market reports continue to emphasize exponential growth in the concentrate and edible categories, and this versatile segment of the industry is capturing consumers’ attention across every demographic. As chefs and extractors grasp just how limitless the creation of cannabis-infused food can be, some are taking things one step further with cannabis you can drink. And even there, the opportunity sprawls from cold brew and kombucha, to ginger ale and honey sticks.

Müru Syrup and Aurora Elixirs are two examples of drinkable pot that provides even more flexibility: mixers. Not exclusively with alcohol, though Aurora’s slogan is “embrace the golden hour.”

Here we’ll look take a closer look at these two different beverage companies, and how they demonstrate that reports like the oversupply of flower in Oregon by no means indicate a dead end for the industry. These days, less than a third of the industry has anything to with joints and bongs. Things are just getting started, and the opportunity is still vast.

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