A Pause On Weed: A Guide Into Cannabis Tolerance Breaks

Constant smoking or drinking increases your tolerance ability, and that result in a higher intake of such substances. Consequently, you might harm your body unknowingly by giving it more than required. If you have been an avid weed smoker for years, over time, you will develop tolerance to cannabinoids, thereby increasing the capacity to absorb THC. To experience elevation, you will require more cannabis. Then, it is time to take a break!

A break on this habit is not an easy task for a passionate smoker. There are physiological and psychological factors that will influence your victory. Here you need some guidance to overcome the period.

Let’s understand some pointers to keep in mind.

Find your Intention

Firstly, it is utmost essential to know and understand whether or not you need a tolerance break. It is to reflect upon why you consume cannabis. Does it offer a positive experience? Does it enhance your productivity? Users consider a break from the herb can make experiences better when they resume. Find out why you need this. Listen to your body and mind.

Decide the Duration

Settle on the length of your break from cannabis. Choose whether you want it to

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