A Recipe For CBD Snickerdoodles, Because We Suspect You May Need To Chill

Elevate Bakery founder Rebecca Raffle offers the ultimate cookie recipe for 2020.

CBD may have a reputation for helping with everything from anxiety to chronic pain, but it’s not exactly known for its great flavor. Elevate Bakery founder Rebecca Raffle set out to change that, working with local chemists to develop a proprietary, flavorless CBD powder that can be incorporated into any ingredient or recipe. With her CBD isolate, she’s been able to achieve the rare feat of creating CBD treats that actually taste good. Raffle shared her recipe for snickerdoodles, one of the most popular items on her bakery’s menu. All CBD spices and sugars in the recipe can be purchased for pickup or shipment from Elevate Bakery.

– Read the entire article at Indianapolis Monthly.

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