A survey of Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries' compassionate care plans – Arkansas Times

Tammy Calder is never sure if she’s going to be able to get out of bed on time in the morning. Degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis and fibromyalgia leave her in constant pain and she hasn’t been able to work in more than eight years. Calder, who lives in Huntsville (Madison County) on a limited income, uses medical marijuana to help with her medical conditions.

Thanks to discounts called compassionate care plans, she can afford it.


Calder shops at a dispensary called Acanza in Fayetteville, where she qualifies for a discount of 10% during the week and 20% on Sundays. Without the discount, Calder said, she would not be able to afford her medications. Calder prefers to shop at Acanza on Sunday mornings when the dispensary’s compassionate care patients receive a bigger discount and when the store’s lower-priced items are still in stock.

“That’s the importance of getting it on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. from Acanza, because I wouldn’t be able to get them [otherwise],” Calder said. “Absolutely not. Can barely afford it as it is.”


So what would Calder do if she didn’t have a discount program to offset the costs?

“I would

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