Access To Recreational Cannabis Associated With Decline In OTC Sleep Meds

It’s not the first time that marijuana has proven effective in taking the place of pharmaceutical drugs, but it is another encouraging sign that it can replace certain side effects-plagued prescription drugs. A newly released study shows that sales of over-the-counter sleep aids dropped immediately after the legalization of cannabis in Colorado.

The investigation was conducted by the University of New Mexico and California Polytechnic State University. It studied grocery store scanner data in tracking the numbers of sleep aids that were bought between December, 2013 and December, 2014. Cannabis was legalized in the state in November, 2012 by state amendment 64, and dispensaries started opening across the state soon after.

According to the new study’s results, access to marijuana caused state residents to buy less diphenhydramine, an active ingredient in Benadryl, and doxylamine-based sleep aids like Unisom. The difference became more pronounced as more dispensaries opened in particular counties.

“The negative association between cannabis access and sleep aid sales suggests a consumer preference for cannabis,” concludes the summary of the investigation, which is available online.

Cannabis As Sleep Aid

Cannabis has long been used as an aid in getting a good night’s sleep. Though studies have shown that THC

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