Aceh – An Indonesian Landrace

An increasingly rare strain that’s becoming more and more difficult to track down in the West, Aceh is a land race strain you’re guaranteed to pronounce wrong the first few times. However, what you really need to know is that it’s a superb 100% Sativa strain that first emerged from the heart of Indonesia in the Aceh province.

Aceh Strain Flavour

Aceh is something of a classic in every way. From its fragrance to its flavour profile and the high it delivers, it’s almost like the quintessential ‘textbook’ Sativa experience. The aroma is gorgeous herbal, with plenty of freshly dug earth and a sweet pungency to it. When smoked, the flavour is dominated by ridiculously delicious tropical and wooden notes, which stick around for such a long time after you’re done.

Aceh Effects

The high also follows the Sativa rulebook to the letter. There’s an immediate, soaring uplift that energises and inspires, prompting total positivity and the kind of motivation you’ll want to hang onto. Though it’s a hard, heavy and immediate impact, Aceh is nowhere close to overpowering and isn’t likely to take the inexperienced over the edge. Relaxation is part and parcel of the deal with

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