Adrian officials discuss reducing marijuana dispensary licenses in business districts – The Daily Telegram

Dmitriy Shapiro   | The Daily Telegram

ADRIAN — As recreational marijuana dispensaries continue to open in Adrian, city officials are discussing future limits on how many can be in the business districts.

The discussion brought to the Adrian City Commission during its premeeting Monday by commissioner Brad Watson also included adding libraries to the list of places from which dispensaries would have to be a certain distance.

Watson said multiple residents have come to him saying that the city may have reached its capacity without even having reached the limit of 10 licenses it allows in the city’s business district. 

Watson, who said he is not opposed to the facilities doing business in and succeeding in the city, offered two proposals for amending the city’s ordinances. 

The first, he said, was to include libraries as part of the list of facilities in the city’s ordinance with a defined distance a dispensary has to be distant from. 

City administrator Greg Elliott reminded the commission of the total license limits in the Business-1 (B-1) and Business-2 (B-2) districts, but said the city does not have a license limit in its industrial overlays. These are subject to distance criteria requiring them to be 1,000 feet, 250 feet,

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