Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

HB 243, better known as the CARE Act, has cleared the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee and will now head to the full Senate just one month after Republican State Rep. and former Alabama Bureau of Investigation agent Mike Ball introduced the bill. Advancing out of committee represents a crucial step for the key medical marijuana legislation, bringing Alabama that much closer to a legal and regulated medical cannabis program.

CARE Act Clears Key Alabama Senate Committee

After a 6-2 vote (with 3 abstentions) advancing the CARE Act out of Alabama’s Senate Judiciary Committee, Alabama is decidedly on the path toward giving patients access to medical cannabis alternatives. The Compassion, Access, Research and Expansion (CARE) Act both extends Alabama’s existing medical cannabis programs and creates a new agency, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, tasked with implementing the legislation and regulating the medical industry. It also sets aside resources for furthering research into medical marijuana.

With the exception of some law enforcement officials, legalizing medical cannabis enjoys broad support among lawmakers, health experts and the general public. Without it, “there will be unauthorized use,” said Dr. Szaflarski, professor of neurology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and supporter of legal medical

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