Anti-Marijuana Police Sprays of Toxic Herbicide Causes Alarm in South Africa

CANNABIS CULTURE – South Africa´s police helicopters are spraying toxic glyphosate herbicide along the country´s biodirvesity sensitive Atlantic Wild Coast to kill Cannabis (Marijuana) drug crop farmed by poor communities, a watchdog ecologist says.

Dr. Dereck Berliner, an independent ecologist and one of South Africa´s most known biodirvesity experts explains to this reporter: “It is 2018 and police helicopters are at it again, spraying toxic Kilo Max herbicide to kill illegal cannabis fields along the Wild Coast. This war on environment puts poor communities’ health at grave risk.”

For a start, the Wild Coast, is a stretch of South Africa´s Eastern Cape province along the Indian Ocean. It is birthplace to luminary South African citizens like Nelson Mandela. Crucially, the Wild Coast coastal forests carries some of the world´s most precious plant and bird ecosystems. It is home to over 1000 tree and grass species that science has not discovered in the past, says Vanessa Black of Earthlife Africa, a South African based chapter of the global lobby Earthlife.

The Wild Coast is loosely referred as South Africa´s “Marijuana cultivation capital.”

However, the picture square Wild Coast also forms the belt of South Africa´s poorest province. South Africa´s Human Research Council

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