Are Students Who Use Cannabis Putting College Funding at Risk?

Looking into a college dorm room may dig up some papers covered in red ink, discarded (and unread) textbooks, boxes of uneaten ramen, and mostly-eaten pizza. Likely, it will also turn up some form of paraphernalia. Maybe a pipe, a bong, some papers, or even an edible. In fact, marijuana-use is now at a 30-year high in college-aged youth. Still, many college students wonder, in states with recreational or medical weed, is it okay to use marijuana on university campuses?

In Massachusetts, recreational weed has been legalized and will soon be put into effect. But many college campuses in the state approach this heated dilemma differently. The question of whether or not colleges can ban weed on campuses in states with legal weed goes back to one major conflict. In the US, weed is still illegal federally. Because of this and because universities receive federal funding, many colleges maintain tight rules surrounding weed use. In Massachusetts where recreational legalization will soon go into effect, many schools want to govern the student weed-use on campus and off. Not initiating these rules regarding pot could potentially risk these schools’ federal funding, no matter the state laws.

The Climate in Massachusetts is Budding

Massachusetts’ recent legalization

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