At Least 25 People Overdosed on K2 in New Haven, Connecticut This Morning

What began this morning as an outbreak of 15 synthetic cannabinoid overdoses on the New Haven Green in Connecticut has ballooned to a situation involving 25 individuals and counting. The situation is escalating, and emergency crews and officials from New Haven’s fire, medical, and police departments had to cut their press conference with local reporters short as calls kept coming in. This is a developing story, but here’s what we know so far.

New Haven Is In The Middle of a K2 Overdose Outbreak

911 calls reporting drug overdoses began trickling into New Haven’s Fire and EMS Departments late last night. By 8 am this morning, emergency responders had 15 sick individuals on their hands. Some people were passed out, others were vomiting and experiencing severe nausea. New Haven Fire Chief John Alston said that the overdose victims were many different ages.

To deal with that many overdoses, multiple fire departments became involved. Ambulance drivers described passing new overdose cases as they were leaving the scene to transport others to the hospital. During the press conference, Chief Alston praised the coordination with hospitals and the efficiency with which crews executed what became a challenging logistical operation.

The overdose cases strained the

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