B.C.’s Weed Dispensaries Advised to Shut Down by Wednesday if They Want to Operate Legally

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth is advising dispensary owners who hope to legally operate recreational marijuana shops in B.C. to shut their doors before Wednesday.

Farnworth spoke to reporters on Monday morning, two days before cannabis becomes legal in Canada. There will be one government-run store open, in Kamloops, on Wednesday and no private stores have yet been approved to open through the permitting process.

“My advice is that there are new rules coming into effect on October 17 and they should abide by those rules,” said Farnworth. “There is no grandfathering of dispensaries. They have to apply like everyone else. My understanding is a lot of them are applying and they have to go through the local government approval process.”

– Read the entire article at Global News.

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