Bob Marley’s One Love Peace Concert in 1978 Sought to Quell Jamaican Unrest

One of the most iconic events in Jamaica’s history as an independent country was the One Love Peace Concert on April 22, 1978, organized by reggae superstar Bob Marley in response to the wave of deadly political violence that was then gripping the island nation.

At the climax of the event, Marley, amid a rendition of his hit “Jammin’,” brought Jamaica’s two rival political leaders onto the stage at the National Stadium in Kingston and had them shake hands.

“We gotta be together and through the spirit of the Most High, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, we’re inviting a few leading people of the slaves to shake hands,” Marley said as her danced furiously during the song. “To show the people that you love them right, to show the people that you gonna unite. Watch, watch, watch what you’re doing, because I wanna send a message right out there.

“I’m not so good at talking, but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Could we have up here onstage the presence of Mr. Michael Manley and Mr. Edward Seaga? I just want to shake hands and show the people that we’re gonna make it right, we’re gonna

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