BREAKING: Preliminary Cannabis and Psychedelics Election Results

Yesterday was a pretty big day for cannabis and psychedelics at both federal and state levels. Putting aside the presidency and congressional races, which haven’t yet finished, there were a number of statewide efforts to legalize cannabis, one measure to legalize therapeutic psilocybin, and two drug decriminalization efforts. All of them passed, and many of them passed with significantly wide margins–even in very conservative states like South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi. This signals a huge shift in views on drug policy nationally and may even spur the federal government to change its positions, even if Trump retains control.

In this post, I will break down the preliminary results of various state and federal elections and what they mean for regulated cannabis in the United States. It’s important to note that this is a “preliminary” result. Some of the elections were not very close calls and are unlikely to change, but many of the results are close and given the fact that ballots are not done being counted in all states, things could change over the next few days. We’ll do our best to update this post or draft follow-ups in the event that things change.

The Presidency:

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