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Customers Braved the Snowfall As State’s 44th Cannabis Dispensary Celebrates Grand Opening

Half a dozen people waited outside Taste Buds Dispensary before its grand opening Wednesday, Feb. 17. As the customers sat in their cars and anticipated the unveiling of St. Clair’s new medical marijuana shop, remnants of a heavy snowfall filled the store’s parking lot around them.

Until half of them grabbed shovels.

They helped employees dig out the entrance to the store, co-owner and general manager Larry Stiffelman said, before it could open at 10 a.m.

With that, Franklin County’s second medical marijuana dispensary was unveiled to the public, newly located at 1909 B North Service Road East. The county’s first dispensary, Missouri Health and Wellness, opened in Washington in late November 2020. 

“(St. Clair) has been amazing,” Stiffelman said. “They’ve rolled out the red carpet, they’ve welcomed us with open arms, and they’ve helped us get to the finish line quicker than almost everybody else in the state.”

With the passing of Amendment 2 in 2018, at least 192 medical marijuana dispensaries can open in Missouri, said

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