Cafe Selling CBD Flower and Infused Coffee Opens in Ireland

Ireland may not have legal adult-use cannabis with the country’s Minister of Health only allowing medicinal use on a case-by-case basis. But legal barriers haven’t prevented Blooms Cafe from becoming the first cafe in Ireland to sell cannabis flower and infused coffee. Located in Waterford City, Blooms sells cannabis and hemp botanicals that are rich in CBD but have negligible (i.e. legal) levels of THC.

Blooms Cafe Offers High CBD Strains and Infused Coffee, But No THC

Despite being Ireland’s first cannabis coffee shop, Blooms isn’t much like its legendary Amsterdam counterparts. In the first place, the shop isn’t a place for consuming cannabis. Customers can’t consume their cannabis in the cafe or on the sidewalks outside it. And second, Blooms doesn’t sell anything with THC in it.

In order to stay legal, all of the cafe’s cannabis products cannot exceed the legal limit of 0.2 percent THC. And that limits the cannabis flowers to CBD-only strains or simply hemp. Packaging from Bloom’s indicates the hemp and CBD strains are grown in Croatia.

Blooms does let patrons enjoy their cannabis on site, though, in CBD-infused coffee drinks.

Ireland Opens Its First Cannabis Cafe

The cannabis plant produces hundreds of different compounds

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