California Assembly Passes Bill to Allow Students Medical Marijuana in Public Schools

California legislators are heeding the calls of parents and caregivers of children who use medical cannabis. For years, parents have decried the fact that California law does not permit medical cannabis on or within 1,000 feet of public school grounds. On Monday, state lawmakers moved to change that, approving a bill that would allow parents to administer medical cannabis to their children at school. The bill does set some restrictions on the types of cannabis a parent or guardian can administer. And it would ultimately leave the decision of allowing or banning medical cannabis up to individual school districts.

Jojo’s Act Heads to Gov. Jerry Brown

SB1127, better known as Jojo’s Act, is a bill that takes the namesake of the San Francisco High School student who inspired it. That student, like so many others in California, had to leave school in order to obtain their medical cannabis treatments. For students with epilepsy and other severe clinical needs, there was no other option.

Parents and students would often describe how disruptive it was obeying the law. For young children, parents would have to arrive to class, pick up their child, take the child far enough away from school, give them

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