California Restaurant Publicly Calls out Weed Dispensary Over Name

The owners of the Fumé Bistro, a restaurant and bar in California’s Napa Valley, are unhappy with a cannabis delivery service’s decision to use a similar name for its business. Terry Letson, chef and one of the restaurant’s four owners, told local media that the name of the new cannabis delivery dispensary Napa Valley Fumé is causing confusion with his business.

“Now a significant part of the population thinks we’re selling marijuana, which hasn’t gone over well,” Letson said.

“It’s a controversial product that’s not mainstream,” he added.

Letson told High Times that the word Fumé is synonymous with his business with residents of the Napa Valley.

“This restaurant has been Fumé Bistro for 16 years and in this small community, we’re referred to as Fumé for short,” Letson said. “So when they see Fumé out there, especially on the front page of the paper, they assume it’s us selling or delivering or distributing marijuana.”

Letson said that he hopes that the dispensary will come up with a way to clearly set the two businesses apart.

“I encourage them to make some differentiation with the name, so people aren’t confusing our product with theirs,” he said.

‘An Incredible Burn’

Letson said that he and his partners worked hard

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