California’s Famous Humboldt County Bans Hemp Cultivation

Humboldt County made quite a considerable name for itself in California, and across the U.S. for cannabis enthusiasts, as a mecca for growing and cultivating cannabis in the early days of medical legalization, and even before. Now, the county has made a bold move, permanently banning all outdoor cultivation of low-THC hemp. 

Part of California’s infamous Emerald Triangle, Humboldt, and the region of Northern California in general, is the sweet spot for growing outdoor cannabis, one of the best climates in the U.S. for this type of cultivation, recent climate change impact aside.

Cannabis is practically in Humboldt’s DNA, so it should come as no surprise that the reason for banning outdoor hemp cultivation is actually a pro-cannabis one. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ban hemp because of the argument that hemp could send male pollen to the higher-THC cannabis, depressing cannabinoid levels.

There has been a temporary ban on hemp growing in Humboldt county since 2018, and now, the local government has officially made it permanent. According to Ross Gordon, who serves as policy director for Humboldt County Grower’s Alliance, this is the right move because of, in his words, the “many risks that industrial hemp poses to the

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