California’s Issuing More Temporary Licenses to Avoid Disruption in Supply Chain

Prior to adult-use legalization, California already had a robust, extensive and established cannabis market. This includes the state’s medical cannabis industry, of course, but also the illicit “black market” for which California is both infamous and legendary, depending on whom you ask. Proposition 64, the adult-use ballot measure California voters approved in 2016, didn’t just legalize weed. It also set up a taxation and regulatory framework to bring the extensive network of illicit operations above board and into the legal system.

But California regulators are finding that process to be a tall order. And nearly a year into the full implementation of Prop. 64, the Golden State has still not issued a single annual license to a cannabis businesses. Meanwhile, the expiration date for temporary licenses continues to approach, threatening the entire supply chain of legal cannabis. To address this problem, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to issue yet another round of provisional licenses while regulators play catch up. The move creates an additional stop-gap measure that will hopefully keep California’s cannabis industry moving as businesses await full licensing.

Community Approval Requirements are Bottlenecking California’s Licensing Process

Regulators and the cannabis industry both are doing the best they can

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