Canada Launches Online Cannabis Training Course for Police Force

Back in May, Canada’s law enforcement officials were anxiously eyeing June’s vote on cannabis. While many eagerly awaited Canada’s Cannabis Act to pass, police departments worried about running out of time to train officers for a Canada with legalized marijuana. But a new online cannabis training course is aiming to speed up the process for the nation’s law enforcement agencies. With it, officers have a much better chance of being ready to enforce the rules and regulations of the Cannabis Act when it goes into effect on October 17.

Online Training Course Will Help Cops Apply New Cannabis Laws

The Canadian government spends tens of millions of dollars each year on police training. And legalized cannabis is demanding that they spend millions more. Already this year, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) rolled out a new training course to train police officers on techniques for detecting drug-impaired driving. Officers first receive training in basic field sobriety tests, then move on to training for detecting drug impairment.

Eventually, the RCMP began offering those training courses online, spurring the idea to launch an Introduction to Cannabis Legislation training module online. The online course is available to all Canadian police services. The program

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