Canadian Government Approves Device for Roadside Saliva Drug Tests

In June, the Canadian government approved Bill C-45, making Canada the second country in the world to legalize cannabis for adult use. But right on the bill’s heels was another, Bill C-46, which also passed in June. Whereas Bill C-45 legalizes cannabis, Bill C-46 dramatically overhauls Canada’s impaired driving laws. The overhaul of the Criminal Code addresses the sweeping national changes brought by cannabis legalization and establishes how law enforcement will handle drivers whom they suspect are under the influence of THC. And now, Canadian police have a new tool toward in their arsenal to do just that: a roadside saliva drug test, which the federal government just approved.

Canada Is Significantly Changing Its Impaired Driving Laws

How legal cannabis impacts traffic safety is a top concern for officials in Canada. Yet the influence of cannabis on a person’s ability to drive remains difficult to determine. Even more so is a police officer’s ability to tell if a driver is under the influence of THC or not.

Currently, officers in Canada rely on conventional field sobriety tests to judge the impairment of drivers whom they suspect are high. And as part of their rules and regulations for legal cannabis, provinces

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