Canadian Military Reveals New Rules Regarding Cannabis Use

The Canadian military has issued new rules on the use of cannabis by troops once recreational marijuana is legalized in the country. The government released a directive detailing the new policy on Friday. Under the regulations, most members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will be allowed to use recreational cannabis with some restrictions.

Lt. Gen. Chuck Lamarre, the CAF head of personnel, told the CBC that the new rules governing cannabis use are very clear.

“We’ve made the policy document very explicit as to when it can be used and when it cannot be used, and who is prohibited from using, and we go to a large extent to protect our operational capability,” Lamarre said.

The general also expressed confidence in the women and men of the CAF to maintain the proper level of military readiness.

“We believe our members are very keen on what they’re doing in the Canadian Armed Forces and they have the right ethics and morals to make sure they are available at all times and that they are not impaired by this, or any other substance,” said Lamarre.

New Rules Restrict Use

Under the new rules, CAF members who choose to use recreational cannabis

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