Canadian Police Raid Unauthorized Cannabis Shop, Seize $60,000 in Products

On Monday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia raided Timberleaf Alternative Medical Society, an unauthorized cannabis shop. As a result of the raid, police seized what they say is over $60,000 worth of cannabis products, including edibles shaped like Lego blocks. In a statement announcing the raid, Nova Scotia RCMP said that the Lego-shaped edibles contained 500 mg of THC and claimed that this dosage was potent enough to kill a child. The police statement also railed against Canada’s unauthorized cannabis sellers. But after drawing criticism for its lethal dose comment, Nova Scotia police ultimately retracted their official statement to remove those comments.

500mg Edibles Seized “Could Be Fatal Dose for a Child,” Police Claim

Across Canada, law enforcement agencies have been trying to drive out the unlicensed cannabis industry, and they’re largely focusing their efforts on shutting down unauthorized retailers. Prior to Canada’s national legalization of adult-use cannabis in 2018, unlicensed cannabis shops were something of an open secret, and for the most part, tolerated. But now that Canada has a legal and regulated cannabis industry, police are taking a zero-tolerance approach toward unlicensed operators.

Hence, Monday’s raid of the St. Margaret’s Bay Road storefront of Timberleaf Alternative

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