Canadian Province Hiring Underage Marijuana Shoppers for Sting Operations

Even when weed is finally legal in Canada, it won’t be a free-for-all. In fact, there are still a number of ways you can get busted for weed-related offenses. Trying to buy weed if you’re a minor is one of the most obvious infractions. If you’re underage, you will not be allowed to buy weed—unless, of course, the government hires you to buy weed. With a Canadian province hiring underage marijuana shoppers for sting operations, that’s exactly what may happen in some parts of the country.

Prepping For Sting Operations

According to Canadian news source CBC, officials in the province of Saskatchewan are preparing to keep a close eye on dispensaries once cannabis becomes legal. Setting up sting operations with underage buyers will reportedly be one of the province’s methods.

Current legislation has carved out space for the government to hire and use minors to enter dispensaries and attempt to make purchases. The tactic could be used to see if shops are following age restrictions. Saskatchewan already runs similar operations to monitor stores that sell alcohol.

Since there’s precedent, most people moving into the legal cannabis industry are aware of the possibility of this type of sting operation.

“They have to

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