Canadian Schools Struggling With Cannabis Education Ahead of Legalization

Canada’s upcoming legalization date comes in only a few days. Still, some issues about recreational cannabis remain left to finalize. Sure, Ottawa has written out rules for officers enjoying weed while off-duty. Ontario even drafted parameters around coming to work high. And it’s legal—and ready to be carried out—that Canadians can carry up to 30 grams of marijuana on any domestic flights. Nonetheless, the Canadian government realizes in this circus for cannabis legalization the importance of educating young people on marijuana. Investments in the cannabis industry may continue in Canada. But schools in provinces like Ontario seek to ready themselves for the impact on young students in their districts through school curriculum on the drug.

Case Study: Ontario, Canada

For many laws governing recreational weed, they will vary province by province. Similarly, school boards in Ontario may differ than school boards in Quebec with some laws about cannabis, for instance. In Ontario, school boards have decided to follow the law—while recreational weed is legal, it isn’t allowed on school grounds. Now treated like alcohol, no one under the legal age of use of 19 can have adult-use cannabis. The same consequences for breaking those laws about alcohol apply to cannabis, too, on school grounds.

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