Cannabis 101: Ingest Or Inhale

Do you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal? Are you new to cannabis and unfamiliar with the ways you can extract its medical benefits or are just looking for an enjoyable high?

One of the most important aspects of cannabis you must consider is how you’ll consume. There are two main means of doing so: ingesting or inhaling. You’ve likely heard about brownies or cookies containing cannabis but have you considered vaping or infusing cannabis in salsa dip? Which is better? Should you ingest cannabis or inhale it? To help you decide, here’s a run down of the differences, pros and cons of both methods:

Preparation Needed

There’s no denying that weed vaporizers requires minimal preparation. If you have a basic vape pen or another vape kit, then preparation time is negligible. It’s as simple as adding the wax or concentrate to your kit and vaping away.

Dry herb vaporizers for weed are a bit of a different story since you need to ground your material and sometimes pack it a certain way, also you’ll need to keep a stash and grinder handy for any refills.

If you aim to ingest cannabis, there is a lot

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