Cannabis Company Henry’s Original Joins Local Wildfire Relief Efforts

Northern California is no stranger to wildfires, but this year has been one of the worst ever. The Mendocino Complex Fire has ravaged much of the region, quickly becoming the largest wildfire in California state history. Now, as fire crews begin making significant headway, relief efforts are underway to help those affected by the fires. That includes the cannabis community. Recently, the California marijuana company Henry’s Original has teamed up with other weed businesses and local agencies to aid in relief efforts.

California’s Largest Fire Ever

Earlier this summer, massive wildfires broke out in Mendocino County. Initially named the Ranch Fire and the River Fire, the fires quickly grew to massive proportions, coming to be known simply as the Mendocino Complex Fire.

Over the past few weeks, the fire spread to more than 410,000 acres. As reported by San Francisco news source SFGate, that’s roughly nine times bigger than all of San Francisco, and twice as large as Chicago.

The blaze has forced hundreds to evacuate and has destroyed hundreds of homes and properties.

Throughout the summer, firefighting resources from around the world have been called in to help bring the blaze under control. Specifically, more than 14,000 firefighters flew in

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