Cannabis in Jewish Magic and Alchemy

CANNABIS CULTURE. References to cannabis appear in both alchemical and magical manuscripts tied to Jewish culture, and this use was likely an extension of the Hebrew’s much more ancient relationship with the plant. Excerpted from Liber 420.

Cannabis Magic in Ancient Israel?

The potential role of cannabis in the origins of the Jewish religion, is something I have proposed for close to 30 years, expanding on the work of the Polish Jewish etymologist and anthropologist Sula Benet’s work identifying the Hebrew ‘kaneh bosm’ with cannabis’. When understood in the context if the Biblical narrative, these references clearly indicate magical, or at least shamanic use of cannabis. The recent archeological evidence of cannabis resins found to have been burnt on an altar in 8th century BCE Jerusalem, take these references beyond the realm of pure speculation, and are rewriting our understanding of the techniques of religious worship in the ancient world.

In Exodus 30:23 Moses is commanded to make a holy oil that contained cannabis under the name kaneh bosm, and is advised to both anoint his body with it and burn it on the altar of incense. The resulting pillar of smoke that arose before Moses in the ‘Tent of the

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