Cannabis Lounges Aren’t on the Table in Alberta — Yet. Here’s How They’re Shaping Up Elsewhere

Letting cannabis users light up without smoke blowing into other people’s faces is a dilemma governments from coast to coast are facing.

With Alberta butting out the idea of smoke lounges for now, proprietors in jurisdictions such as Ontario, British Columbia, and the U.S. state of Colorado have taken bold steps to demonstrate how such facilities can work.

And some, like Tiara Sillet, are already paying their bills off of the idea.

Sillet and her wife, Annelene, opened Natural Budz — a cannabis lounge, head shop, and cannabis education centre — in Pickering, Ont., last October. It’s outfitted with a high-powered ventilation system, which Sillet said keeps most of the smoke out of the air. Their enterprise gives local cannabis smokers a place to light up or vape that isn’t a street corner (or in someone’s face), which she says is critical.

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