Colorado Extract Maker Gifts Masks to Denver Health Trauma Center and Meals to Food Bank of the Rockies

CANNABIS CULTURE – Terpenes and flavors company gifts masks to Denver Health Trauma Center and makes financial contribution to Food Bank of the Rockies for 12,000 meals.

DENVER, Co. – May 19, 2020 – Extract Consultants, a leading provider of flavors and terpenes designed for the cannabis and hemp industries, today announced donations to two local organizations working to provide emergency healthcare and hunger-relief services in Denver and surrounding communities.

To support frontline healthcare heroes, Extract Consultants donated a 700-quantity supply of KN95 masks to Denver Health’s Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center, Denver’s only level 1 trauma center that treats 18,000 patients annually from Colorado and six neighboring states.

To help provide healthy food for thousands of Coloradans, Extract Consultants made a financial contribution to the Food Bank of the Rockies that will provide approximately 12,000 meals to Denver-area individuals and families facing food insecurity heightened by wage and job losses.

“This crisis has brought to bear the ever-present need for goodwill and generosity in our local community,” said Extract Consultants President Maxwell Brown. “We’re grateful to be able to support these vital organizations serving the most vulnerable here in Denver.”

“Treating COVID-19 patients while safely providing ongoing medical care for other conditions

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