Comedians Post Viral Video of Weighing Weed on NYPD Squad Car

While marijuana might be on the backburner for the majority of NYPD officers, the plant is still, unfortunately, considered a Schedule I drug by our very own Federal government. Sure, the stigma surrounding it has largely decreased, but that doesn’t mean people in either legal or non-legal states can go around flaunting product.

Or, in this case, conspicuously weighing it on top of a police car.

However, that’s exactly what happened over the weekend, after a viral prank video caught the ire of several high-ranking NYPD members. It’s safe to say what was intended as a comedic video certainly didn’t receive the intended reaction amongst the boys in blue.

New York Comedians Post Themselves Weighing Weed on NYPD Squad Car

The video begins with a man in a white tee-shirt with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, weighing out some buds on the back of an NYPD squad car. The man filming the video is looking to purchase the eighth.

“You, you want an eighth?” asks the man in the video.

“Yeah, I want an eighth, bro,” replied the man behind the camera.

“That’s three point six for you,” the dealer says, pointing to the nugs of weed

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