Connecticut Adds Eight New Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Connecticut recently underwent a potentially important round of changes to its cannabis laws. In particular, state lawmakers recently expanded the medical marijuana program. Now, as Connecticut adds eight new qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, officials expect to see an uptick in the number of patients joining the program.

Expanding the Medical Marijuana Program

Connecticut’s Regulation Review Committee, a group of lawmakers that oversees the state’s medical marijuana program, recently voted to expand the program.

In total, the committee voted to approve eight new medical marijuana health conditions. These include a handful of new conditions for adult patients. Similarly, the expansion also adds a couple of new health conditions for younger patients.

Adult patients 18 and older in Connecticut will now be able to use medical marijuana to treat:

Additionally, patients younger than 18 can now access and use medical marijuana to treat:

muscular dystrophy brittle bone disease

Each of these conditions tend to produce a lot of pain. As such, state officials hope that medical marijuana can be an effective way to treat or decrease the pain experienced by patients with these conditions.

The Regulation Review Committee unanimously approved the new round of additions. Members of the committee told local

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