COVID-19 Is Leaving Its Mark On The Cannabis Industry, Insiders Say

Like many people working in the cannabis industry, Stephen Jones expected to make a lot of green around 420 this year.

Jones, a cannabis marketer and professional Bob Marley impersonator in San Diego, California, figured there would be massive 420 celebrations throughout April 2020.

“The whole month is 420!” Jones told HuffPost, who said he was trying to organize a series of concerts and events before the coronavirus shut down public gatherings.

The lockdowns have forced cannabis insiders like Jones and others to rethink their 420 plans. Although Jones may still be able to continue performing as the reggae legend online, he’s now focusing his business efforts on selling watches that have been permanently set at 4:20 for $4.20 each.

COVID-19 has had some interesting effects on the cannabis industry, including some that might be seen as positive, according to Emma Spivey, founder of Her Royal Hempress, a cannabis beauty brand.

“The value of cannabis is much harder to dismiss when millions of

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