Data Finds Canadians in New Brunswick Reluctant to Buy Pot With Credit Cards

Canadians aren’t so into paying for cannabis on credit. And Canada’s federal privacy commissioner says you probably shouldn’t anyway. Instead, Commissioner Daniel Therrien is recommending extreme caution when it comes to putting pot purchases on plastic, telling consumers that it’s probably better to just pay with cash. Because while cannabis is legal across Canada, consumer credit card data is almost always housed across the border. And that means records of an activity that’s lawful in Canada end up on servers in countries, like the United States, where it isn’t.

Canadian Cannabis Consumers Prefer Cash, Debit over Credit

The cultural transformation that’s taking place because of marijuana legalization is raising privacy concerns in unexpected places. And Canadian cannabis consumers may have a sense of the way their purchasing habits put them at risk.

According to cannabis sales data, Canadian buyers vastly favor paying for weed with cash or debit card over paying with credit. In New Brunswick, for example, just 16 percent of all in-store cannabis purchases were made with a credit card. Instead, consumers made half of their purchases with a debit card, and 34 percent paid with cold, hard cash.

It’s a phenomenon that’s specific to cannabis, market analysis

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