Denver Police Investigating Series of Break-Ins at Dispensaries

In Denver, Colorado, dispensary break-ins are pretty much par for the course. So far this year, police have reported around 35 break-ins at weed shops in the greater metro area. That’s more than one dispensary burglary each week, and about as many as police reported at this point last year. But now, police are investigating a new team of dispensary thieves that are bringing a new meaning to the term highway robbery. Investigators say a well-coordinated group of three to four, or possibly six people are robbing dispensaries along the area’s major highways. So far, the break-in investigation hasn’t made any breakthroughs. And fearing the dispensary burglars will soon strike again, Denver Police have issued a special alert to cannabis shop owners.

Denver Police Put City Dispensaries on “High Alert”

On Wednesday, Denver Police released the first picture of a group of car thieves and dispensary burglars that are wreaking havoc on Denver weed shops. The surveillance camera photo doesn’t reveal the identity of any of the burglars. They’re too well-concealed for that. But the photo clearly identifies the vehicle the burglars are using: a Jeep recently reported stolen.

Denver Police say the MO of the group involves stealing Jeeps

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