Denver Votes in Favor of Psilocybin Decriminalization

A Denver initiative to decriminalize the use and possession of psilocybin mushrooms was narrowly passed by voters on Tuesday, according to results posted by the city. Preliminary reports had shown that the measure, I-301, had failed, but updated numbers released on Wednesday showed that it passed with 50.56 percent of the vote. A margin of victory of less than half a percent would trigger an automatic recount.

Cindy Sovine-Miller, who worked on the campaign for the initiative, said that passage of the initiative is the beginning of a larger movement.

“It starts by forcing the conversation and protecting access,” she said. “Whether you’re using this plant for a medical reason, or a spiritual reason, or a recreational reason, you should not be going to jail or losing your children for it.”

Magic Mushrooms Now ‘Lowest Law Enforcement Priority’

I-301 amends the Denver municipal code to make possession of psilocybin mushrooms by adults 21 and older the city’s lowest law enforcement priority. It also prohibits the city from spending public resources to impose criminal penalties on adults for using or possessing psilocybin and mandates the establishment of a city panel to determine the effects of the new ordinance on the city.

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