Desert Daze Music Festival is Back and Fighting for Essence of Rock and Roll

Phil Perrone’s been honing his craft for nearly a decade. And we’re not talking about the musical wit expressed through his band JJUUJJUU. We’re talking about his music festival, Desert Daze. For those who’ve never heard of it, it’s an event rooted in intergalactic psychedelia and rock and roll. It brings the opposite vibe of the typical electro-centric music festival. It’s the antithesis of Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, and events where the attire is neon-bikinis and knee-high disco boots. Desert Daze is the place where psychedelic rock—and its stoned, fringed-out culture—thrives.

“We have no interest—literally no interest—in producing a ‘music festival’,” says Perrone. “The music festival as we know it has kind of lost its way. The festival’s kind of become an orphan child with no direction. Desert Daze is sort of the antithesis to that.”

The festival’s in its eighth iteration this year, and it’s happening this weekend at Moreno Beach in Lake Perris, California. Perrone explains that this year’s new festival site feels like you’re in real-life Jurassic Park—minus the velociraptors. The grounds are much bigger than last year’s event in Joshua Tree, so there will be a lot more to do, see, and experience. There’s even hiking

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