Did Illinois’s Weed Just Kick Cali’s Ash?

Illinois medical marijuana cultivator Green Thumb Industries is reporting that a recent batch of house cannabis strain Brownie Scout has tested at a whopping 37.5 percent total potential THC. All of the THC present was in the form of THCa, with no Delta 9 THC detected. Samples of the strain were tested by ACT Laboratories, with results from the analysis released on May 5. Representatives of Green Thumb Industries (GTI) told High Times in an email that the flower is the most potent the lab has seen and they believe that the 37.5 percent THC test result is a record-setting achievement.

Brownie Scout is a GTI exclusive strain that is a cross between Koser Kush and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies that was bred at the company’s facility in Rock Island, Illinois. Representatives at GTI say the strain has been popular with patients, who report therapeutic effects including relaxation, pain relief, and anti-anxiety benefits since the medical marijuana program began in Illinois in 2015.

“Consumer satisfaction is paramount to GTI,” said Kate Denton, the senior vice president of Marketing at GTI. “Our last 4 harvests of Brownie Scout have yielded highly potent flower, consistently testing in the mid to high 30%

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