Do They Drug Test?

CANNABIS CULTURE – For many the answer is make or break.

Imagine you are a job seeker who has been laid off because of the pandemic. You are checking  your phone and email constantly as today is the day you learn if you are offered employment from the company you interviewed with last week.

The interview went well, and you are  perfectly qualified for the job.

At last, you get an acceptance call from your interviewer who lets  you know that more information about the employment package will be emailed shortly. You are  ecstatic and your day has been made. As you are scrolling through your employment package, you see the words “Pre-Employment Drug Test”, and your heart drops.

As an avid weed smoker,  you know there is no way you are going to pass the drug test in the one-week time frame given.  

Wait a minute, you live in Colorado where recreational marijuana use is legal.

Surely the  company does not test for marijuana.

If they do, the company probably won’t care.

You are a  law-abiding citizen and you should not be punished for what you do in your free time. You go  ahead with the drug test, nervous

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