Ducky’s Bill Becomes Law, Giving Washington Students Access to Medical Cannabis

Students in Washington will now be able to use medicinal marijuana therapies at school with the signing of Ducky’s Bill (House Bill 1095) by Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday. Under the law, children who are registered medical marijuana patients will be allowed to use cannabis medicines on public school campuses. To comply with the law, the cannabis medicines used at school must be in liquid form and can only be administered by a student’s parents.

Before signing the bill, Inslee said that the new law will help keep students in the classroom.

“Currently children who need medical marijuana… have to leave school. They’re missing valuable time,” Inslee said.

Bill Named for Young Activist

Ducky’s Bill is named for nine-year-old River “Ducky” Barclay, an Aberdeen, Washington girl who has one of several related rare genetic disorders classified under the umbrella term Batten disease. When she was in second grade, Ducky’s family discovered that cannabis oil reduced her severe seizures and allowed her to be more focused in class. Ducky and her father John Barclay became medical marijuana activists, traveling to the state Capitol several times to advocate for permission for students to use cannabis medications at school.

A smiling John Barclay

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