Elderly Grandmother Thrown in Jail for a Tiny Amount of Weed and an Expired Medical Marijuana Card

Delores Saltzman – an 80-year-old medical marijuana patient – was thrown in jail recently after getting caught with less than an eighth of an ounce of cannabis and an expired medical marijuana card.

Saltzman has been using cannabis under Michigan’s medical marijuana program to help treat chronic pain related to an injury she sustained several years ago. She says that she was originally prescribed opioids by her doctor but made the switch to cannabis when the side effects of her previous medications became overwhelming.

“[Cannabis] saved my life because I had a bad bleed about four years ago,” Saltzman told Fox17. “After I smoke I go down to a one, pain-wise. Before I smoke, I would say I’m an 8 right now.”

– Read the entire article at Civilized.

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