Epileptic 5-Year-Old Granted Permission to Bring Cannabis Oil to School

Medical cannabis is legal in 30 states and adults can use it recreationally in 9 of those states, including Washington, D.C. But in all but a few of those places, cannabis laws prohibit possession or consumption anywhere near schools. In California, for example, Proposition 64, the state’s legalization measure, bans cannabis of any kind for any use within 1,000 feet of public schools.

Yet some medical cannabis patients are also students, and many have had to fight in court for the right to possess and use medical cannabis at school. For one 5-year-old kindergartener who suffers from a rare and severe form of epilepsy, that fight ended today.

How One Family Won The Right To Give Their Daughter Cannabis At School

Today, Judge Charles Marson issued a court order allowing Brooke Adams, a 5-year-old with Dravet syndrome, to bring cannabis to school and have a nurse administer it. Adams’ case is still pending with California’s Office of Administrative Hearings’ Special Education Division. A final ruling will be issued in mid-November.

Until then, however, Brooke can bring both CBD and THC medications to school. The school board is providing a nurse authorized to administer medical cannabis products.

Prior to the judge’s

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