First Legal Cannabis Plant in Oklahoma Sold to Vietnam Veteran

The growth and expansion of medical marijuana in Oklahoma hit a key milestone this week. For the first time ever, a marijuana plant has been sold legally in the Sooner State. This is an important step forward as the state continues figuring out the details of its brand new medical cannabis program.

Oklahoma’s New Medical Marijuana Program

It’s been a big year for marijuana in Oklahoma. In June, voters in the state approved the legalization of cannabis for medical uses. State Question 788 won 56 percent of the vote. On the other side, 43 percent of voters opposed the measure.

Almost immediately, the state’s new program fell into chaos. Shortly after the vote, a group of doctors began advocating for the ban of smokable forms of cannabis. Subsequently, the Oklahoma State Board of Health began trying to fast-tracking and push through a number of restrictions to the state’s new medical marijuana laws.

Most notably, these restrictions attempted to ban the sale of smokable forms of medical cannabis. Additionally, the Board tried to require all dispensaries to have a pharmacist on site at all times.

These restrictions came under fire and the state found itself facing at least two separate lawsuits. Ultimately,

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